Terms and Conditions

We provide the Service of instrument and vocal lessons to you only on the condition that you accept all of the Terms and Conditions stated in this Agreement. All references herein to “We” mean Inner West Music College referring to teachers, administration staff and management. Parents/Legal guardians accept the Terms and Conditions on behalf of their children.

  1. Replacement lessons are subject to vacancies on the teacher’s timetable. If there is a vacancy for replacement lesson, a replacement lesson will be given in the same term, provided the following conditions are met:

a. fees for the current term were paid in full by the due date and

b. at least 24 hours’ notice was given for an absence

Fees for missed lessons are not transferable to the following term’s fees.

There is no refund of fees.

  1. Fees as of Term 2 2017 are $41 per half hour. Second and subsequent students from the same family and/or students taking a second instrument receive a 5% discount with fees $38.50 per half hour. All books, reference materials and examination fees are at an additional cost to the student’s family. Fees are reviewed to increase annually and 4 weeks notice is provided prior to the increase of fees.
  2. In 2017 a non refundable administration fee of $25 is applied to each family who have children enrolled in lessons at the Inner West Music College.
  3. Music instruction fees are invoiced per school term for single student families and twice per term for siblings or students taking two instruments. Fees will be paid in advance, in full, by the due date stated on invoice.
  4. If full payment is not made by the due date a penalty administration fee of an additional 10% will be added to the initial amount and Inner West Music College reserves the right to suspend tuition until payment has been made in full.
  5. In the event of default on payment/s, action will be taken to recover the debt. The client will incur all costs accrued, including surcharges.
  6. All references herein to “School term” refer to the New South Wales Public School term calendar. Only public holidays will be observed.
  7. Students who are absent for more than two planned weeks (i.e extended holidays) must pay for their third and ongoing weeks away to reserve their lesson space or it is subject to be offered to another student.
  8. The Inner West Music College accepts no liability or responsibility for any injury sustained by the student that arises from participation in any activity connected with the College. The Inner West Music College also accepts no liability or responsibility for any minors, siblings, friends or relatives of the students who attends and/or wait at the studio for the students having music lessons.
  9. The Inner West Music College reserves the right to include or exclude any individual or organisation at its discretion.
  10. Notice of withdrawal from lessons must be provided in writing four weeks prior to final lesson. If sufficient notice is not provided four weeks of tuition fees are to be paid.
  11. These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice from time to time, at our sole discretion. We will notify you of amendments to these term and conditions by posting them to our website.